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Prepaid Internet in Punta Cana

Prepaid Internet in Punta Cana can be useful for many tenants that are using short or even long term rentals.

If you are planning to stay for long term rental, make an installation of home phone line for CLARO and add Internet cable service, in some areas can be with additional Cable TV CLARO as well, possible with VIVA, or TRICOM.

I recommend to test same service mobile carrier in your home before getting a service, as for the signal strength. You can test one service by checking the signal of the mobile in your home.

Viva Punta Cana- Recommended by Milos

Viva office is located in Shopping Mall Plaza Caney, next to the Bank Leon, and close to the gas station Texaco, Friusa.

Internet VIVA, offers Broadband Internet that connects to your computer instantly and you can start enjoying mobile Internet  through the EVDO network without cables or waiting for installation.

This growing high-speed EVDO network covers more than 70% of the population of the Dominican Republic - More than 6 million people in 65 major metropolitan areas and at all major airports in the country - so you can stay connected even when you're waiting for your flight.


• Speed - Connect to speed up to 3.1Mbps **

• Security - Code division multiple access (CDMA) technology and support for most Virtual Private Network (VPN).

• Simplicity - Internet access without having to get a telephone line, or waiting to install the service.

Unlimited monthly plan is 1812 RD$ (Dominican pesos).

Two options for clients with the passport:

  1. USB Modem + first month unlimited Internet 3500 + 1812 pesos = 5312 pesos (for one month)
  2. Wireless router for three laptops connection 5365 + 1812 pesos = 7177 pesos (for one month)

You can also get Internet for Blackberry with following prices: 

32 RD$ for one day

192 RD$ weekly

384 RD$ biweekly

640 RD$ monthly - pre paid

Official Viva Dominicana website


Claro Punta Cana - Recommended by Milos

Claro main office in Punta Cana is located on the crossroad Veron, and in Bavaro area you can open the account in Shopping Mall Plaza Caney (where is Banco Leon, Banco Santa Cruz, and above Internet provider VIVA).

The new broadband service Prepaid CLARO lets you stay connected at all times to internet and having speeds up to 3.5 Mbps. The connection speed will depend  on factors such as congestion and level of mobile signal strength.


     * No contracts or credit validation
     * You can recharge your service.
     * Content and File Transfer (emails, documents, videos, photos, etc.).
     * Surfing the Internet
     * Access information from your computer or private network.

To activate the Internet service visit any of CLARO Customer Service Departments by presenting your identity card or passport.

128 RD$ for one day

768 RD$ weekly

1376 RD$ biweekly

2560 RD$ monthly

4960 RD$ for 60 days

No more Unlimited plans.

Login CLARO 

Official Claro Dominicana website


Orange Dominicana

Orrange offices are all around the area of Punta Cana, very efficient office is in Shopping Mall Plaza Larimar, just in front of gas station Texaco, and in front of Claro and Viva.

Orange net is the Internet access service Orange Dominicana to which you connect when you want, how you want,  where you want, navigating through your  Orange  mobile, your laptop and your PC.

This service operates on EDGE technology (Enhanced Data rates for GSM Evolution) which allows you to reach speeds up 200kb/sec.


     * Mobility
     * Speed up to 200 kbps
     * connection anytime, anywhere *
     * No need for conventional line
     * You pay only for what you download
     * Offer 100% data plans
     * Packages and plans adapted to your needs
     * Freedom to choose where to navigate
     * You enjoy the most competitive rate in the market
     * Service available in over 35 countries through the GPRS roaming service in Orange.

* Orange Dominicana where there is coverage.

128 RD$ for one day

No more Unlimited plans.

BlackBerry Enterprise Solution RD $ 1,100.00
Price includes: Unlimited use Orange GPRS network and regular service improvements.

Official Orange Dominicana website


Tricom Punta Cana

Tricom offers only home (not mobile) Internet service, called Wimax.

Wimax is a red table antenna that has to be connected with electricity and computer.

This service is only for Punta Cana only. (Bavaro area)

It is a standards-based technology  that enables wireless broadband  access  last-mile access from anywhere within the coverage area, easy installation, flexible network access  in places  where
is difficult to make wiring and reliability because it uses private frequency of 3.5 Ghz.


One (1) Wimax antenna included.

Email of 15 MB Webmail (

8:00 a.m. Support to 12:00 pm every day of the year by calling 809-476-4699 and 809-200-9699.

25% discount on residential line rentals in the all-inclusive.

600Kbps-256Kbps - RD$699
800Kbps-256Kbps - RD$875
1Mbps-256Kbps - RD$995
700Kbps-700Kbps - RD$1,095
1.5Mbps-256Kbps - RD$1,295
1.5Mbps-768Kbps - RD$1,495
2Mbps-512Kbps - RD$2,200
2Mbps-1Mbps - RD$2,850
3Mbps-1Mbps - RD$3,295
4Mbps-1Mbps - RD$4,350
5Mbps-1Mbps - RD$5,350
6Mbps-1Mbps - RD$5,900
8Mbps-1Mbps - RD$7,600
10Mbps-1Mbps - RD$8,900

Installation WiMAX RD$2,000.00 - in some areas you need additional sector antenna. (additional cost)

Official Tricom Dominicana website


New service in area of Cocotal Golf Course, ACTIVA CEPM company is offering Internet service, please go to main office of CEPM to activate the service and choose the plan.
On the following brochure you can see plans for Internet with or withour Cable TV service:
Activa CEPM Brochure with prices and packages for Internet and Cable TV.

Please take with you your Passport or ID, when soliciting service.


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