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Punta Cana beach

Located in the province of La Altagracia, Punta Cana has an estimated population of 120,000. This region borders the Atlantic Ocean to the North East and Caribbean Sea on the South East.

 La Altagracia province has  in total 3002.26 km2, and borders with Atlantic Ocean on the North, Saona Island on the South, Caribbean Sea on the East and other two provinces La Romana and Seibo, on the West.

On the following image, Voyages of Christopher Columbus, you can see that on each first 4 voyages, Columbus passed just near the Punta Cana.

Voyages of Christopher Columbus


Punta Cana Beaches are:

  1. Punta CanaCaleton beach and Juanillo beach
  2. Punta Cana Resort beaches, La Cana, Corales and Playa Blanca (Punta Cana Village).
  3. Cabeza de Toro beach
  4. Bavaro beach, Los Corales
  5. El Cortecito beach
  6. Arena Gorda beach, White Sands
  7. Macao beach
  8. Uvero Alto beach



Punta Cana founders

Punta Cana foundors
On this photo are founders and famous residents of Punta Cana:
Theodore Kheel (1914-2010), Julio Iglesias, Frank Rainieri, Oscar de la Renta (1932-2014) and Mikhail Baryshnikov. 

Read more about History of Punta Cana History of Punta Cana

Punta Cana Resort and Club map


Milos Korac

In the povince of La Altagracia there are estimated 240,578 population. La Atlagracia is divided into Municipalities: Higuey with 128,120 population, San Rafael de Yuma with 14,084 population, and Districts: Otra Banda have 1,700 population, Las Lagunas de Nisibon have 8,870 population, Boca de Yuma 2,013 population and Veron - Punta Cana district have 15,241 population.

Plan Macao Punta Cana with details and numbers.

Veron - Punta Cana district is divided in 9 zones with different density regarding construcion permits:

  1. Uvero Alto, area of 54.413 km2, has density of 25 rooms/Ha in tourist zone, 15 rooms/Ha in reserve zone, and 70 rooms/Ha in Urban zone, maximum building height is three stories.
  2. Macao, area of 34,628 km2, has density of 15 rooms/Ha on the coast with two stories maximum height of building, Manglar zone is not allowed construction, Tourist zone has density of 40 rooms/Ha with four stories maximum height, and zone Tourist Expansion has density of 30 rooms/Ha and max. height of 2 stories.
  3. Arena Gorda - Bavaro,  area of 58,835 km2, has density of 40 rooms/Ha in the Zone Coast -A with max. height 4 stories, Coast-B has density of 70 rooms/Ha and max. height 4 stories, in the zone of Manglar (swamps) construction is not allowed, Tourist Zone has density of 60 rooms/Ha with 4 stories, Expansion Tourist Zone has density of 50 rooms/Ha and three stories max, Urban Zone has density of 80 rooms/Ha and 4 stories, Park zone has density of 15 rooms/Ha and three stories, and zone Fruisa-El Cortecito-El Dorado, has density of 90 rooms/Ha and 5  stories max.
  4.  Veron, area of 56.37 km2, has density of 75 rooms/Ha and four stories in Zone Urban Expansion, then in the Urban Zone 90 rooms/Ha and 4 stories, and in the zone of Cruze de Veron (Veron Crossroad) 125 rooms/Ha and 5 stories.
  5. Laguna Bavaro, area of 54,018 km2, has density of 15 rooms and two stories on the coast, in Manglar zone is not allowed construction, Tourist zone 40 rooms/Ha and 3 stories, Urban Zone of Cabeza de Toro 70 rooms/Ha and 3 stories, and in Park Zone is not allowed construcion.
  6. Punta Cana (Puntacana Resort, Punta Cana Village) area has 55,603  km, for obtain the information about construction rules, you need to send your full name in the inquiry, please use the email form bellow.
  7. Ambiental Reserve, area of 166.14 km2, construction is not allowed.
  8. Highway Boulevard Turistico del Este, has density of 80 rooms/Ha and three stories max.
  9. Ecological Corridor, has density 125 rooms/Ha and four stories in the section A, and 75 rooms/Ha and three stories in the section B.

Dominican Republic Department of Planning and Projects
Resolucion 07/2012
Republica Dominicana RESOLUCIÓN No. 154/2005

Hotels and Resorts in Punta Cana are mostly All-Inclusive and there are more then 90 hotels along the East coast of Dominican Republic.

Book Tee Times Book Tee Times on golf courses in Punta Cana. -  with Season Prices.

This is image of Punta Cana Airport - PUJ:
Punta Cana Airport
This photo collage above is Punta Cana Airport (PUJ).

Punta Cana Airport PUJ Arrivals and Departures, for today:

Airport PUJ

The best airport to land at is the (PUJ) Punta Cana Airport, a 10 to 40 minute drive from Dominican Republic's East coast hotels. Serves about three million tourists per year, and > 50% of National flights.

This is Milos Korac, waiting on the Airport Punta Cana, the place where you can take a taxi.
Milos Korac on the airport Punta Cana

Gas Stations There are four Punta Cana Gas Stations, two Shell and two Texaco stations.

Distance from Punta Cana to Higuey is 60 km

From Higuey to Santo Domingo 155 km

From Punta Cana to La Romana distance is 105 km

Weather in Punta Cana

Although it is mildly windy, the Ocean in the area is mainly shallows, with several natural marine pools in which visitors can bathe in turquoise color Sea.

  • Weather Punta Cana Weather is mostly constant, with an average temperature of 28°C, during all 12 months in the Year.
  • The hottest season lasts from April to November, and during the day temperatures might reach 32°C.
  • Very little rain falls around the area, because of the flat landscape. During month of May, it can rain for few times.

puntacana_beach Corales

Punta Cana Beach

This Punta Cana beach (La Cana beach and Golf club, on the image.) is considered the be the major hotel resort area in Dominican Republic.

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